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39pgr01 - Grenadier tree planters1 39pgr58 - Grenadier tree planters2 39pgr39 - Grenadier tree planters3 39pgr40 - Grenadier tree planters4 39pgr11 - Grenadier tree planter5 39pgr30 - Grenadier tree planter in manufacture6

Grenadier Tree Planter

The Grenadier planter is suitable for use as a tree planter. It is available in a range of sizes, heights, materials and finishes.

Select from a list of additional planter accessories, to ensure that the Grenadier planter is right for your specific requirements. Bench seating can be added to make the planter multi-functional.

The Grenadier is now part of the Versatile Range. Click the link below to see its updated features and enhanced flexibility.

Versatile Planter

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