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  • 20pmw53 - Mews tree planters
  • 20pmw54 - Mews roof garden plantersProject completed by Valley Provincial Group
  • 20pmw58 - Mews tree planters
  • 20pmw31 - Mews roof garden planters
  • 20pmw55 - Mews tree planters
  • 20pmw57 - Mews large tree planters
  • 20pmw32 - Mews large planters
  • 20pmw50 - Mews large planter
  • 20pmw52 - Mews planter with Henley bench
  • 20pmw51 - Mews planter with Henley bench
20pmw53 - Mews tree planters1 20pmw54 - Mews roof garden planters2 20pmw58 - Mews tree planters3 20pmw31 - Mews roof garden planters4 20pmw55 - Mews tree planters5 20pmw57 - Mews large tree planters6 20pmw32 - Mews large planters7 20pmw50 - Mews large planter8 20pmw52 - Mews planter with Henley bench9 20pmw51 - Mews planter with Henley bench10

Mews planter

The Mews planter is a cost-effective, multi-use timber and metal planter, available with a choice of materials, finishes, options and accessories.  

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