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  • 38pbw11 - Bowden roof garden planter walling
  • 38pbw24 - Bowden long planter
  • 38pbw21 - Bowden large planters
  • 38pbw14 - Bowden planters after shot-blasting
  • 380pbw25 - Bowden roof garden planter in manufacture
  • 38pbw05 - Bowden planter weathered finish
38pbw11 - Bowden roof garden planter walling1 38pbw24 - Bowden long planter2 38pbw21 - Bowden large planters3 38pbw14 - Bowden planters after shot-blasting4 380pbw25 - Bowden roof garden planter in manufacture5 38pbw05 - Bowden planter weathered finish6
Bowden Roof Garden Planter
The Bowden planter is an all metal, modular planter, suitable for a wide range of planter sizes, shapes and applications. The design consists of a weathering steel planter body, fixed to a galvanized mild steel base.
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