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  • c126j01 - Beer garden planters, Hereford
  • c126j02 - Kensington hardwood planters
  • c126j03 - Octagonal planters
  • c126j04 - FSC Certified hardwood
  • c126j05 - Kensington top capping
  • c126j06 - Planters in manufacture
  • c126j07 - Completed hardwood planters
  • c126j08 - Planters loaded ready for delivery
c126j01 - Beer garden planters, Hereford1 c126j02 - Kensington hardwood planters2 c126j03 - Octagonal planters3 c126j04 - FSC Certified hardwood4 c126j05 - Kensington top capping5 c126j06 - Planters in manufacture6 c126j07 - Completed hardwood planters7 c126j08 - Planters loaded ready for delivery8

Beer Garden Hereford

Kensington hardwood planters were specified for a new beer garden on behalf of Amber Taverns. The planters were part of a sponsored outdoor eating and drinking space. Kensington FSC hardwood planters were positioned beside hardwood tables, chairs and archway features to create an attractive leisure area.

Kensington planter