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Grenadier Planter Walling

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  • Raised planters supplied without bases FSC-certified timber.
  • Range of heights, lengths and shapes.
  • Optional accessories.
  • Choice of installation method

Lengths: 1000, 1500 and 2000mm
Heights: 435, 580, 725, 870 and 915mm
other lengths and widths can be manufactured to suit your requirements
Thickness: 45mm thick walling
Posts: 95x95mm


Grenadier planter walling can be installed above the finished paving level or installed prior to the paving being laid.
This is particularly useful if the paving is laid on risers. Slabs can be cut and laid up to the planter.

Internal bracing

Grenadier planter walling is supplied with internal bracing, bolted to the internal posts.

Narrow planters will have cross brace straps, wider planters up to 2500mm wide will have cross frames and planters wider than 2500mm will be supplied with ground brackets.

Narrow planters

Internal bracing consists of metal cross brace straps that are bolted to the internal timber posts.

Planters up to 2500mm wide

Wider planters are supplied with metal cross frames that are bolted to the internal timber posts.

Planters wider that 2500mm

Very wide planters are supplied with metal ground plates. They act as earth anchors, with the weight of the fill material preventing the plates from lifting.

Grenadier planter walling components

End wall panel – outside view

End wall panel -inside view

Side wall panel – outside view

Grenadier planter walling Accessories

Bench seating

Slatted screens

Trellis panels


Watering systems

Tree anchors

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